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Course Description
This English Learning course from MyEnglishTeacher has been specially designed for those who have done all their education so far in Hindi Medium. This Course of MyEnglishTeacher, therefore allows to THINK in HINDI and helps to TRANSLATE your thoughts so as to SPEAK in ENGLISH...
MyEnglishTeacher's this Methodology uses the concept of 'Sentence Structures' to efficiently Translate Hindi Thoughts into English Sentences. There is no hassle of Grammar and Tenses in this course, the method therefore is easy and ready to use from day one.
Key Features
1) 560 Unique Verbs : know more than 560 Verb Words with their Hindi- English meaning..
2) 10000 Unique Words : know more than 10000 Words them with Hindi-English meaning.
3) 120 Hindi-English Structures : Learn to work with more than 120 Hindi-English Structures
4) 4300 Practice Sentence :Practice Translation and English Sentence Formation on more than 4300 Sentence
5) Sentence Analysis : A complete analysis of each sentence is presented to you in
entire details, the Subject, the Verbs and yes; the entire Object Clause in details
6) Part of Speech : In-depth understanding of usages of various Parts of Speech such as Prepositions, Adverbs, Degrees etc
7) 'My Notes' Section : Note down your doubts in the 'My Notes' section - both in Hindi / English and assess it latter
8) Store your Work : Save all your work i.e. The translation and the Notes in your own separate file on the Server
9) Personal Tutoring Sessions : Get Personal one-on-one Sessions with a Remote Teacher after every Lessons End.